Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Restricting Crypto Payments

Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Restricting Crypto Payments

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Yello Paradisers! Apple is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in California, with accusations centered around its restrictive practices on peer-to-peer payments, including cryptocurrencies. The lawsuit claims that Apple’s limitations on alternative payment methods, such as crypto, may be in violation of anti-trust laws. This is not the first time Apple has been accused of non-competitive practices; a notable precedent is the case against Epic Games, where Apple was challenged over its payment system and revenue cut through Apple Pay.

📰 Restrictions on Competing Wallets and Cryptocurrencies

In a recent anti-trust lawsuit, Apple was accused of exploiting its dominance on Apple devices to the detriment of competing wallets. This lawsuit is an extension of that accusation, focusing specifically on Apple’s alleged heavy restrictions on cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method. Plaintiffs argue that Apple’s control over app installations via the App Store prevents decentralized payments on the iPhone, which could be more cost-effective than traditional methods.

📰 Accusations of Arbitrary Fee Enforcement

The lawsuit also alleges that Apple has entered into anti-competitive agreements with CashApp and Venmo, limiting feature and price competition market-wide. This purportedly includes barring the incorporation of decentralized cryptocurrency technology within iOS peer-to-peer payment apps. Notably, PayPal and Block, the operators of these platforms, have not been sued, indicating the plaintiffs believe these companies may have been coerced into the agreements.

📰 Apple’s History with Crypto-Related Apps

The lawsuit highlights Apple’s history of banning crypto-related apps from its App Store, citing the Zeus Bitcoin wallets as an example. It also references the Damus app, which was nearly removed due to its cryptocurrency tipping feature but was eventually allowed to remain on the platform.

📰 Conclusion: A Significant Legal Challenge for Apple

This lawsuit represents a significant legal challenge for Apple, putting the spotlight on its payment system practices and treatment of cryptocurrency transactions. The outcome of this case could have far-reaching implications for how tech giants handle alternative payment methods, particularly in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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