American Cancer Society Accepts Donations in Dogecoin

American Cancer Society Accepts Donations in Dogecoin

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Doge coin donations to ACS

Yesterday’s tweet by the American Cancer Society (ACS) stated that well-wishers and donors can now start making donations to the American Cancer Society using Dogecoin. In addition, they added that the contribution to cryptocurrencies will be tax-deductible and will assist in compensation for the shortcomings caused by COVID-19.

According to the tweet, it was unclear to what extent blockchain has lifted the ACS to date. It states, though, that it plans to collect 1 million dollars this year from its cancer fund alone in cryptocurrencies. The ACS points out that because of COVID-19 issues, the ability to finance studies decreased by 50 percent and prevented it from achieving some of its primary objectives.

Dogecoin is expected to contribute to its target through its increasing value.  To date, DOGE has risen by 24,000% in price, which gives its early buyers a surplus of resources to spend and donate.

The Giving Block Payment Processor assists the crypto funding system of the ACS. It allows payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and eleven other cryptocurrencies.

In Remembrance of Sporklin

Dogecoin founder Sporklin died recently of cancer, and hence the American Cancer Society is making a timely decision to embrace DOGE.

In reality, today’s news seems to be linked to the case when one Dogecoin investor said that many cancer non-profit groups were called upon and asked to consider Dogecoin.

The backlash has also been directed at ACS. It has become embroiled in controversies due to its business relationships with interest groups. She has experienced criticism regarding her relationships. For instance, it has been chastised for prioritizing outreach and prevention over science; just 23.5 percent of funds are allocated to research.

Disclaimer: This author had less than $75 in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins at the time of publication and did not own Dogecoin.

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