A New Meme Token Launches in the Form of Junior Shiba

A New Meme Token Launches in the Form of Junior Shiba

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Yet another meme token has made its debut on the market less than 24 hours ago. The Junior Shiba (JRSHIB) is another knockoff of the famous dog-themed coin, Doge.

Reports noted from this new meme token represent it as fully decentralized currently entirely by its community members. Similar to its inspirations- the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the Junior Shiba will have features alike such as Swapping, Non-Fungible tokens, play-to-earn, and a presence in the metaverse.

Junior Shiba is being launched on ERC20(Uniswap) and BEP20(Pancake Swap). All communities members are welcome to join and input their suggestions as well as invite new perceptions.

Why a New Knock-off Coin Similar to the Original? Junior Shiba is just another dog-themed meme-based token with no specific value or use in the markets. However, the coin can gain you massive profits in just a matter of time.

Currently, there is a 3% usage reward and one quadrillion amount of the total supply of the meme token. Junior Shiba may as well not be affected by whales as there is a tax of 10% that can cause its process to rise suddenly.

New Junior Shiba owners can play and present in the metaverse while using the coin as payment.

The Advent of Dog-Based Themes

The first meme coin was launched in 2013. Back then, it started as a joke and was perceived that way until its popularity grew unexpectedly and made it an official cryptocurrency. Today the father meme token, Dogecoin, has a market capitalization of $32.54 billion amidst other 124 similar meme tokens.

Shiba Inu has tremendously vaulted the dog-themed coins into the ten top most valued digital coins after hitting a pleasant market cap of $40 million. Much to a pleasant surprise, it surpassed its cousin and inspiration, Doge.

All meme coins are linked to jokes and sarcastic comments all over social media. Gladly, the fame and popularity of these cryptocurrencies are directly linked to their overall success. We are, for this reason, hopeful in the Junior Shiba.

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A New Meme Token Launches in the Form of Junior Shiba

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