5 best technical analysis strategies for crypto trading

5 best technical analysis strategies for crypto trading

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5 best technical analysis for crypto trading

The cryptocurrency industry has flipped the trading space for the better. The commercial vehicle changed how investors and traders perceive trading and earning passive income. This revolutionary asset class has evolved trading methods and given them new meaning. Innovations such as Crypto trading signals and Crypto calls are some of the outcomes from digital assets’ evolution.

These assets have allowed businesses to open up newer avenues for investments and fundraising, and consequently driven up the demand for seeking specialized services in trading advice such as Crypto trading signalsBybit signals, Bitmex Signals, and Binance Signals, and this was also in part made possible thanks to the replication of traditional exchanges to better and more optimized Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Interestingly, with the rise of the cryptocurrency trading space, seasoned traders’ perception and strategies have modernized. As the financial medium closely aligns with the traditional financial mediums, more and more traders have been making the shift towards trading cryptocurrency.

Since crypto investing requires an underlying understanding of digital assets, this has also ramped up demand for specialized service providers who can help traders make the right calls for their digital assets portfolios. One notary example is Our ParadiseTeam, who are on the watch for the market’s best opportunities. Our crypto calls are based on calculated, technical, fundamental analysis, and our proprietary AI-based algorithms through our tireless efforts. We actively integrate multiple crypto trading technical analysis strategies to provide the best crypto signals and best crypto calls.

We are a team of highly dedicated traders with an extensive background stretched with decades of experience and success. After five years of trading cryptocurrencies, we have developed an in-depth insight and understanding of the Crypto Markets and how to capitalize on the myriad of opportunities that is readily available in the market.

After managing very profitable trades for our clients, Our team wanted to share the diverse knowledge and success we’ve gained over the years, so upcoming traders like you could grow and achieve financial freedom.

We have created dedicated Premium Telegram groups to actively share our analysis, insights, news, signals, etc. With efforts from our members and our team, the channel is home to over 4000 members!

5 best technical analysis strategies for crypto trading

Before we share some of our top 5 technical indicators that we use, let us discuss the types of indicators that are readily used by many traders.

Types of indicators:

Infamous for its unpredictable, volatile rates, traders use well thought out strategies that reflect their expertise, experience, and technical analysis of assets. Trader’s abide by functional analysis of assets to further illustrate an upward or downward trend.

At the heart of their technical analysis, are algorithms and mathematics. By utilizing real-time data that dictate the asset’s pricing, Traders can illustrate the potential trends that the asset could display.

Here are some Indicators actively used by traders for Cryptocurrency.

Relative Strength Index

RSI or Relative Strength Index is one of the most common technical indicators that traders use. RSI Originates from the Stock market, it is actively utilized to predict potential losses and gains over an interval.

Coherently, the technical indicator also illustrates the overselling or overbuying of a particular asset. It further aids in suggesting if the market is bullish or bearish. However, the indicator does lack in predicting trends that impose sudden spikes and drops in the market. Our free crypto signals utilize traditional and modern indicators to provide some of the more profitable crypto signals.

Moving Averages

Known as Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is a traditional indicator prone to all markets. The indicator determines if an asset will potentially display an upward or downward trend. Traders actively utilize this indicator to decide whether to buy or sell a particular asset.

Check out our free crypto signals telegram to see how we utilize this indicator to provide the most profitable Binance crypto signalsBitmex crypto signals, and Bybit crypto signals.

Average Directional Index

Average Directional indexes are utilized to illustrate the strength of a trend. Traders primarily use the index to predict the sustainability of a pattern by testing its strength and trust. Factors such as the upward and downward trend display the power of these trends.

On Balance Volume

The On balance volume index identifies the potential price of an asset in the future based on the volume of the trends surrounding it. Traders calculate the on-balance volume of trends by analyzing the positive and negative trading volumes of an asset.

Stochastic Oscillator

The Stochastic Oscillator imitates the momentum of the trend. Many traders use the technical indicator to predict trends; however, the index takes an average of 14 days to determine the direction. Factors such as overbuying, overselling, range, prior prices, and closing price help generate an index that predicts the trend’s momentum.


Technical indicators are an innovative approach that still holds to this date for many traders. Seasoned traders and upcoming traders utilize technical indicators to gain in-depth insight into an asset.

Interestingly we use a combination of traditional and conventional indicators to provide the best crypto signals. Our unique combination helps us optimize the analytics we provide to our valuable ParadiseFamilyVIP members with perfectly timed trading signals.

Based on intensive research and understanding of different indicators, our hybrid set of market indicators and risk strategies ensure maximum profits with the lowest risks. Our seasoned traders carefully analyze each crypto call for accuracy so VIP Members can make calculated, data-driven decisions. That’s it. These are the 5 best technical analysis strategies for crypto trading.

Did you know, Our ParadiseTeam also offers free crypto signals on telegram! And Yes, we offer the best crypto signals that reflect some of our best risk/ reward strategies emphasizing profits instead of stop losses.

Unlike other groups that emphasize “Get rich quick,” we firmly believe in long-term, profitable trading and trading consistently throughout the entire year.

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