16 Institutions Fund Binance Smart Chain Partner

16 Institutions Fund Binance Smart Chain Partner

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Crypto Tycoon, popularly referred to by the initials CTT, is a monopoly game based on Binance coin, Binance USDC (BUSD), and stablecoin Tether.

Crypto Tycoon is the world’s first crypto card game. The game allows participants (2-5)to simulate real mining by tasking them to be the first to complete portfolios for the three cryptocurrencies.

The game is fast-paced and exciting, with a bottom line mission to normalize the idea of decentralized money. It helps players master the art of trading while also learning about the risks and volatility involved and how to mitigate them best.

Crypto Tycoon fulfills such a good cause in the crypto space, if you ask me.

Binance Smart Chain Partner Successfully Completes Seed Fundraising

The card game team has recently come out and said they had completed their first seed round fundraising after getting fundraised for by the institutions below;





T3E(MW partners) BEST
CryptoDiffer AKG Venture Infinity Labs Horizon Capital
R8 Capital PrimeBlock Ventures CatcherVC 7Star Capital
A195 Capital Amplio Capital (BitMart Labs) BenMo Labs Ternary Capital



Additionally to the institutions, the BSC community has provided insightful feedback to improve the game and contributed privately to the seed round fundraising.

Crypto Tycoon Roadmap Now that Funding is Significant

The team behind the card game has for now divided their roadmap into two stages, the initial stage and the early stage.

The initial stage was game design, smart contract coding, legal matters, and the official website launch(v0.1).

With that complete, the next stage will focus on market building and user experience. This stage will render a beta stage for the card game, an official CTT release, game interactive contract audit, more intense planning for the second iteration for the game and an official website launch on their v0.5 launch.

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