12 Bitcoin Billboards Across America’s Federal Reserve Bank Cities: Cryptograffiti Explains

12 Bitcoin Billboards Across America

February 16, 2021

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Legendary crypto artist, Cryptograffiti, went on a bitcoin campaign in January. The street artists erected Bitcoin billboards across 12 of America’s Federal Reserve Bank Cities.

The billboards’ main message is for the people to choose bitcoin as an alternative to traditional currency. Some major cities marked with Cryptograffiti’s art are New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

Let the Art Speak to The People

From the messages left on his Bitcoin billboards, Cryptograffiti seems passionate about informing the public on the value of investing in bitcoin and how the system of fiat money is oppressing the people. However, rather than taking the streets kicking and screaming, he lets the art do the speaking.

Some of Cryptograffiti’s powerful messages that he commonly stamps next to an art piece of a bitcoin dollar are “UNCAPPED MONEY DOESN’T WORK,” “DEFUND THEIR POWER,” “TAKE THE POWER BACK,” and many more similar strong sentiments.

Bitcoin versus The Federal Reserve

While encouraging the common citizen to take up the cryptocurrency, Cryptograffiti’s main message is the separation of money from the state. According to the crypto artist, the only way the public can take back their power is by investing in bitcoin.

Cryptograffiti expressed all the things he believes are wrong with the Federal Reserve being the central supplier of money in the economy. He mentions that although the Fed can print more money, they cause inflation by doing so. Given how inflation has been rising over the years, the Fed should not be printing any money.

Cryptograffiti’s Art Targets the Masses

Lately, institutional demand for bitcoin has increased. Popular, wealthy individuals have also been dramatically drawn to the crypto market. However, Cryptograffiti’s art targets the general masses. He wants his message to reach the common working-class citizen who is not yet into the game because of their current state of knowledge or income.

Cryptograffiti believes there is the ultimate power in the people’s ability to vote with their wallets. The crypto artist aims to capture the essence of bitcoin and simplify the jargon for this common working-class citizen who, according to him, needs it the most.

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