Top 5 Crypto trading projects in 2020?

Top 5 Crypto trading projects in 2020?

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crypto trading projects in 2020

As we move into cashless society it important to handpick the few promising crypto projects to invest in otherwise the Fintech industry will be shambled up soon and finding a project worth investing will be an uphill task. Unlike traditional financial investments like insurance or stock, cryptocurrency is becoming the modern gold and those investing in some of its projects are becoming overnight millionaires. Conversely, some investors have lost a lump sum amount and gone bankruptcy in a matter of days. So, are you a crypto trader looking to invest in top-most profitable crypto projects? Then, take your time and read to the end of the article, you will be enlightened on the top 5 crypto projects that are shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading.

crypto trading projects in 2020

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  1. MMCrypto

MMCrypto is currently the largest Bitcoin and Crypto community, founded by Co-Founder Christopher Jaszczynski, a German entrepreneur and cryptocurrency veteran trader. The project entails a YouTube channel for crypto insights with already 50K subscribers and a private Telegram community with over 18,000 active members. MMCrypto offers a Bitcoin and selected technical analysis. Besides, it offers crypto trading indicators that accurately predict crypto prices. If you are a crypto trader and would like be part of a resourceful community that give you crypto trading insights about crypto trading market then MMCrypto will certainly come in handy.

  1. Karma App

It’s another project involving crypto App whose main objective is to provide a good social network that works to motivate users to work smart in the word and documents online. It is the most used crypto app across all blockchain networks as at 2020 and it has acquired more users. The value of karma app comes in where it enables its subscriber to auto-trade and earn passive income which in turn boost living standards of users.

Besides, Karma app has solved the problems of food waste. Based in Sweden and London, Karma an app that connects hungry Londoners and swedes with top restaurants offering surplus meals that are sold at half price or less.

  1. Crypto Village Accelerator

Crypto Village Accelerator (CVA) was developed to aid in raising capital for Initial coin offering projects. It has managed to eliminate unnecessary scams initially witnessed with some crypto startup companies. Its founder (Carlo Buonpane) is a veteran crypto investor and has worked with many projects in recent years. CVA was founded in January 2018 but its ROI has rapidly increased and now it’s at the center of crypto investment. It aims to create a diversified platform for different investment including real estate by the end of 2020 to reduce investment risks. This is a project that every ICO investor should take advantage of.

  1. Binance charity


The project allows users to donate cryptocurrencies, which is a great idea to help the people in need. It comes up with transparent campaigns. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, where to date $4 million have been donated to Binance charity crypto against Covid-19 campaigns to healthcare facilities worldwide that are most affected by corona. Binance charity aims to revolutionize traditional giving by providing a transparent donation process made possible by underlying new blockchain technology while making a new charitable contribution.

  1. Brave browser

It’s a non-profitable crypto project for securing users’ information, it upholds data privacy by preventing data breach and allowing data accessible to authorized parties. People are starting to appreciate the level of privacy associated with brave browser and not Facebook Twitter or Google.

Brave is the simplest browser for starters because It’s easy to use, it’s available on android iOS, macros, windows and Linux. It makes people feel safe and protected. It presents its brave Ads on background images in a new tab or native system notification separate from the content being viewed as a way to further enhance anonymity.

Final Thought

It indisputable that Cryptocurrency is the way to go, the cashless society is here with us. So, some of the incredible crypto projects that are coming up at the moment are a key contributor to the overall future success of cryptocurrency and its associated blockchain projects. Cheers to every programmer, investor and other stakeholders that work tirelessly to see that the decentralized economy finally comes true.

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