Shiba Inu Fans Request Listing of their Favorite Crypto on Robinhood

Shiba Inu Fans Request Listing of their Favorite Crypto on Robinhood

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Dogecoin rival Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu fans are not pleased that their favorite digital coins do not yet have a place in commission-free crypto exchange Robinhood. The community has formulated a proposal requesting Robinhood to list the Shiba Inu coin.

Shiba Inu Should Be Listed Because its Rival Dogecoin is also on Robinhood

Starting with the request, the petition goes on to highlight Dogecoin’s success on Robinhood. Stating that Shiba Inu is a similar meme coin, it should therefore show great potential as well.

Shiba Inu started as a mock to Dogecoin. The Dogecoin rival also recognizes itself as a meme cryptocurrency. Considering Shiba Inu’s past actions to mimic Dogecoin, it is no wonder that its fans are requesting a similar listing on Robinhood.

The petition is targeting a total of 300,000 signatures. So far at the time of writing, 241,600 signatures had been collected.

Dogecoin rival Shiba Inu has experienced great success in the last couple of weeks. The meme cryptocurrency has grown by 2000% in the first few days of October. Last week, the number of Shiba Inu token holders on-chain passed 700,000. Additionally, Binance and Coinbase recently listed Shiba Inu and is performing significantly well on there.

Robinhood Working on a Previous Request from the Community

The Shiba Inu fan base seems pretty confident that their request will be heard by Robinhood. A previous call from the community saw the commission-free trading platform begin a project to answer the needs of the people.

Robinhood, the target of the petition, is meanwhile focusing on developing wallets that will enable traders to freely move their funds on-chain. The project is currently on beta-testing and already a million people have signed up to the waiting list.

Robinhood explains the delay to launch the wallet as taking time to make the system safe, secure, and simple. The commission-free trading platform is taking into account the fact that many people will be transacting on-chain and they are prioritizing keeping the coins safe.

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