Mastercard Selects 6 Start-ups to Join its Start Path Accelerator program

Start Path Accelerator program

May 4, 2021

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Mastercard start path is an Accelerator program for fintech startups that offers companies opportunities to connect to the vast Mastercard eco-system for potential expansion.

Just recently, the start path has selected six fintech startups innovating in the field of Blockchain to join its accelerator program. The companies selected have notably been involved in building Blockchain-based payments solutions and lending platforms.

Said companies include,

  • Asante Financial Services
  • Cledara
  • Jifti
  • Moeda Seeds
  • SpendDebt
  • Tippy
 Perks Inclusive to the Start Path Accelerator Program

Start path is a global engagement program to assist fintech innovators to attain maximum success.

This said, the program allows its startup companies to directly access Mastercard’s channels, customers, and product teams. Additionally, to their expense are also offered virtual events and programming to uncover more co-innovation opportunities.

Mastercard accelerator program runs for six months for selected startups upon which they are expected to maximize the opportunities presentable and rapidly scale their business.

Mastercard continues to Push for Blockchain Technology.

Mastercard has been making massive moves to popularize blockchain technology to millions of its users.

In February this year, the credit card company expressed interest in supporting selected cryptocurrencies directly into their network. As per their press release, the company emphasized that their support for cryptocurrencies should in no way imply that they are pushing their customers towards it.

It is all optional, and their role in this is to enable merchants, customers, and businesses to move into it if they wish so.

Last month, Mastercard was among the companies that helped raised $65 million for ConsenSys, to expand its blockchain solutions around Defi and Web 3.0.

Under the proposition, the company is set to incorporate carbon footprint tracking to help offset carbon emissions through customer purchases.

As a financial pioneer in payment innovation, Mastercard is undoubtedly making extra effort to pave financial digitization dominance.

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