How to Create an Account on OKEx

How to Create an Account on OKEx

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Wanted to open an account on OKEx? Check out the different ways of creating a profile on one of crypto enthusiast’s most trusted platform.

Opening an OKEx Account with your PC

Step 1: Visit the official OKEx website in your browser and hit the “Sign Up” option at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Choose the registration method you prefer – email or phone number.

Registration with Email

When registering with the email option, you’ll be asked to provide your email address and choose a password. After that, choose the “Sign up” option.

There is an invitation code that would be part of the registration process. 

As the individual who referred you to the platform and let him/her fetch the code for you. Input it into the space provided. If it isn’t available, don’t fill it in. After doing this, you’ve successfully created your account. 

Opening OKEx Account Using Telegram 

You can also create your account using your Telegram account, which can be done in just those easy steps:

  1. Select the Telegram app icon.
  1. A Telegram authorization window will appear, prompting you to input the phone number you used to sign up for Telegram.
  1. You’ll receive a message from Telegram. Please validate your Telegram login.
  1. Once you’ve received it, OKEx will ask for your name and profile picture, which you can grant by clicking the “Accept” icon.

You would be instantly routed to the OKEx marketplace after that.

Opening Your OKEx Account with Your Google Account

  1. To register on the platform using your Google account, hit the Google account sign-up option in the registration interface provided. 
  1. Enter your email and phone number in the subsequent email that will open on your device. Afterward, click the “Next” option. 
  1. Next, input your Google account’s password on the space provided for it and hit ‘Next.”

 Afterward, stick to the instructions OKEx will be sent to your email account. 

Opening Your OKEx Account Using your Phone

For Android Gadgets

Step 1: Launch the OKEx mobile application and tap the “Sign up” option on your screen.

Step 2: Hit the “Create an account” option on the screen.

Step 3: You want to pick a preferred method for registering your account with the service provider – email or phone number. 

Hit the “Phone” option to redirect to the registration page for phones.

Select the “Email” option to redirect to the registration page for emails.

For iOS Gadgets

Step 1: Launch “App Store” on your device

Step 2: Enter “OKEx” inside the search field provided and run a search on the app.

Step 3: Select the “Download” option of the OKEx application.

Step 4: Patiently wait for it to finish downloading.

After downloading, hit on the “Open” option or locate the OKEx application on your home screen immediately after the installation process has been completed. Congratulations! You just started your journey to the world of cryptocurrencies via OKEx

Withdrawing Your Funds from OKEx

Withdrawing Your Crypto Funds at OKEx Using Your PC

Step 1: When you’re logged in on the platform, locate the withdrawal page

Hover your mouse over the “Assets” option to reveal the menu option and select the Withdraw option from the list you’ll be provided. 

Step 2: Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw

Choose the cryptocurrency you’d like to take out from your account by employing the dropdown menu option. For example, you can withdraw Bitcoin from the options provided. The method for withdrawing Bitcoin on the platform is “Internal” or “On-chain.”

The withdrawal networks supported include “BTCK-OKExChain, BTCK-ERC20, BTC-Lightning, and BTC-Bitcoin.” For withdrawing Bitcoin, you can select the Bitcoin you’d like to withdraw on-chain through the Bitcoin network.

Choose the “Continue” option to proceed to the next step.

Before completing any disbursements, you must link your email account to your OKEx profile for security reasons. 

Follow this directory Settings > Security > Email Verification – if you’d like to see more of the installation process of the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Input and verify your withdrawal details

After you’ve decided on a withdrawal method, you’ll need to input the withdrawal account for the recipient wallet as well as the sum you wish to remove. To make long-term withdrawals go smoother, you can specify your recipient address. Then, choose the profile from which you’d like to make a withdrawal.

Click Continue after you’ve double-checked the transaction details.

The following pop-up will request for your Funds login as well as an “SMS key” if you have one put in place. To complete the withdrawal request, input them and select Confirm.

Instructions for withdrawing and depositing Your Cryptocurrency at OKEx

To withdraw and deposit funds on OKEx, follow the directory Account > Waller (Wallet) > Select Withdraw/Deposit

Depositing Funds at OKEx

On OKEx’s deposit section, you can choose the type of crypto asset you’d like to add to your growing crypto list.

Only one kind of Coin should be sent to each deposit address. The Bitcoin deposit account, for instance, only takes Bitcoin deposits. If you transfer any other kinds of coins, your fund will be forfeited. For every kind of Coin, you will get a deposit account.

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