Global Non-Profit Operation Smiles to start accepting Crypto Donations

Global Non-Profit Operation Smiles to start accepting Crypto Donations

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Non-profit Operation Smiles

On Friday, June 18, global volunteer-based non-profit organization Operation Smiles announced that it is now open to crypto donations. The digital coins it currently accepts are Bitcoin and dogecoin.

Operation Smiles is a surgical volunteer-based outfit that targets individuals with cleft conditions. It works to surgically repair these conditions in order to improve the lifestyles of the patients. The non-profit has been operational since 1982 when it was founded by plastic surgeon Doctor William ‘Bill’ Magee and his wife, Kathleen, a nurse and social worker.

When it started, non-profit Operation Smiles focused on repairing cleft lips and cleft pallets among children around the world. The organization has currently expanded its services to cover other surgical procedures, dentistry, speech therapy, and psychological services.

Cryptocurrencies to Help Bolster the Mission of Surgical Volunteer-Based Operation Smiles

Cryptocurrencies’ popularity has been on the rise in recent years. According to global non-profit Operation Smiles’ co-founder Bill Magee, it is the right time to allow crypto investors to extend their generosity to the children and families benefiting from Operation Smiles’ services.

Moreover, accepting crypto donations would help further Operation Smiles’ mission of increasing total accessibility of surgical care in certain underserved communities across the globe. Despite its efforts to promote its mission over the years, surgical volunteer-based outfit Operation Smiles notes that over five billion individuals across the globe still do not have any access to affordable and timely surgical care.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, most charitable organizations observed a tremendous reduction in the in-flow of donor funds. As such, these organizations began accepting crypto donations this year, in a bid to allow crypto investors to chip in their donations.

Operation Smiles joins other non-profits such as the American Cancer Society, Tony Hawk Foundation, The Skatepark Project, and that started accepting crypto donations.

Operation Smiles is Leveraging the Services of The Giving Block for Crypto Donations

Similar to the American Cancer Society, global non-profit Operations Smiles is leveraging the services of The Giving Block to accept crypto donations. The Giving Block created a bitcoin and cryptocurrency donation solution for 100+ non-profits and other organizations. Through The Giving Block, these organizations can accept crypto donations as tax-deductible contributions.

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