FREE INSIGHT February 25, 2022

FREE INSIGHT February 25, 2022

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V Shape Reversal, Better Be Ready‼️

  • Yello, ladies and gents🚬😎🔰!

💎The Russian “invasion” of Ukraine ( created an orchestrated panic in the crypto and traditional markets, which triggered an instant, short-term sell-off with 10x of the average trading volume just in crypto, as you can see on the graph below.

💎This selling pressure immediately dropped a few hours after it started (at 03:00 UTC), creating a huge spike and a V shape reversal pattern on multiple crypto coins similar to what we saw last May. And you all remember very well what happened to the greedy short positions afterwards.

💎This selling cascade orchestrated by the USA and created by most retail traders and crypto noobs were exactly what they wanted to do to fill their bids on the liquidity at the by us already called bottom near the production cost of Bitcoin, around $33k (you will not see Bitcoin below this price anymore).

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