Crypto Market FREE BNB ANALYSIS December 8, 2022

Crypto Market FREE BNB ANALYSIS December 8, 2022

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CZ The Market Leader‼️

Yello, ladies and gentlemen✊😎!

💎#BNB looks like it is priming up for another run

💎From a technical point of view, the Binance Coin has been slowly accumulated by whales in the $260-$290 support zone since August for nearly 5 months now! 

💎You can see how the volume has been suppressed below the average till recent spikes indicating someone bigger is getting impatient. Looking at 4h TF, we are forming a bullish pennant above the support zone, this while Stoch RSI shows a bullish Divergence at the bottom, indicating an extreme strength

💎At the same time, we have been witnessing huge unloads of funds from exchanges for the past few weeks, as people are scared after what happened with FTX and others… Today we tweeted the breaking news from CZ (CEO of Binance) that 🔶Binance has successfully as the first exchange audited proof of reserves! 

💎On the on-chain data, we have immediately registered a spike of transaction flows back into Binance as people gain more trust in them. From a fundamental point of view, this is extremely good for the whole Binance ecosystem, as they, unlike other exchanges been respecting their risk management well enough throughout this bear market that they did not need to take any loans. 

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