Adidas partners with Coinbase amid metaverse push

Adidas partners with Coinbase amid metaverse push

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Adidas’s metaverse push

On Wednesday evening, Adidas ignited crypto funs on Twitter after announcing a partnership with Coinbase and closing the post with a deceptive crypto meme reference; it is “probably nothing.”

Adidas’s metaverse push

A note to non-coiners: institutional use of cryptocurrency is increasing and considering that most of Tesla shareholders owns a piece of Adidas, a collaboration with Coinbase is undoubtedly significant, especially in light of the other important piece of news this week that Adidas is also establishing a presence in the Metaverse.

On Tuesday, Animoca’s open-world blockchain game The Sandbox’s official Twitter account addressed a message to @adidasoriginals, saying nothing is impossible in the Metaverse. What if they invited all of the pioneering thinkers and doers to collaborate on designing their future?

The tweet included a link that directed interested clickers to the location of an in-game block of land that seemed to have been reserved for Adidas Originals. It is unclear if Adidas bought the land or received it as a gift.

Adidas partners with Coinbase and The Sandbox

Adidas partners with Coinbase and The Sandbox

As per Addidas’ spokesperson, Coinbase collaboration is part of the company’s effort to establish a foothold in the Metaverse since Metaverse is one of the fascinating advancements in digital right now, making it an intriguing platform for Adidas.

So how does The Sandbox fit into all of this? Is it possible that they will soon witness an in-game retail metropolis packed with tokenized Adidas wearables? Furthermore, how does Coinbase fit into all of this? The facts are sketchy, but Adidas’ rivals are also making similar forays into the Metaverse.

Facebook declared at the end of last month that it was rebranding as Meta and adopting NFTs to get a foothold in the Metaverse. Less than a week later, Nike submitted four trademark applications for “virtual products” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Various digital items are supposedly included in the documents, including hats, sunglasses, bags, backpacks, and sports equipment.

It seems as if the real-world shoe warfare will eventually transfer to virtual reality.

It is hard to say more about Adidas’ metaverse push at this point; despite the vast sums spent on ad campaigns and sloganeers over the years, impossible isn’t nothing.

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