22-Year Old Indonesian Student Makes $1M from Selling NFT Selfies

NFT maker Ghozali

January 16, 2022

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Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, an Indonesian student, has made a whopping $1 million from selling his NFT selfies on OpenSea. NFTs continue to gain mainstream popularity and many benefits from these digital assets.

Southeast Asia’s crypto and digital art communities are growing tremendously, primarily because of endorsement from local celebrities and influencers.

Simple Selfies Turn to a One-Million Dollar Fortune

For 22-year old Indonesian student Ghozali, what started as simple photos of himself in front of the computer has turned into a one-million-dollar fortune. NFT maker Ghozali studies computer science at a university in the central city of Semarang. He is currently in his senior year.

Ghozali’s NFT selfies were from since he was 18 until he is 22 now. His selfies are usually expressionless in front of the computer. Ghozali planned to compile the shots for a time-lapse video for his graduation day when he started.

However, after knowing about blockchain technology, Ghozali decided to upload the pictures to OpenSea in December 2021. The photos were under “Ghozali Everyday” and priced at $3 each.

Ghozali’s NFT Selfies Collectively Reach 317 ETH Trading Volume

NFT maker Ghozali did not anticipate the success his selfies got. He states that he thought it would be funny if collectors wanted to purchase his face. To add a bit of uniqueness to the photos, Ghozali explained the circumstances behind them. For instance, he captions one as “This photo was taken during the second corona vaccine.”

To his disbelief, his selfies became in demand. As of Friday, one of them was going for 0.247 ETH, which is roughly $826. 22-year old Indonesian student Ghozali has sold nearly 1,000 of his selfies on the OpenSea platform. Collectively, Ghozali’s selfie collection reached a total trading volume of 317 ETH, which converts to more than $1 million.

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