Crypto Insight October 31st 2021

November 1, 2021

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Real altseason is coming soon‼️

  • Yello ladies and gentlemen🚬😎🍸

💎Yes, we have been updating you correctly about the altcoins market cycle for some time already. But, even that, we just made 95% profit on SAND or 85% profit on 1INCH in the ParadiseFamilyVIP. This is not an altseason yet!

💎The definition of an altcoin season is – if 75% of the Top 50 MCap coins perform better than Bitcoin for at least 90 days.

💎So far, this isn’t the case in the crypto market. We are still not in the proper Altseason cycle, but we are getting pretty close, and once it begins, it will be many times bigger than in 2017, as you already know from us.

💎Bitcoin is still dominating as it only recently hit an ATH and retraced; the retracement happened mainly because the dumb retail money entered the market thanks to Coinbase heavy marketing and hitting the Number 1 spot in the United State’s App Store. (Just a shakeout)

💎Many altcoins are still far below their May prices. And this creates excellent opportunities because the strong ones will melt faces once the real altseason begins! Are you ready for it?✅🚀

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